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Why Is Cryptocurrency So Popular? The Results Are In!

Cryptocurrency's popularity has grown for many reasons. For example, cryptocurrency is not controlled by a government, bank, or corporation, but instead, it’s watched over by a group of individuals who developed the crypto and some of its owners. These individuals are known as developers and miners, and no I don’t mean they use a pick […]

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How Do You Get Free Crypto? The Word On The Street!

There are various ways to earn free cryptocurrencies. So choosing the right one will require some due diligence. Also while free cryptos can be lucrative, they can be more susceptible to scams and hacks too. Be aware that not every site offers genuine free Crypto. What is Crypto & can you get it for Free? […]

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How Is Crypto Used In Real Life? Don’t You Wanna Know!

Some of you may be thinking, I’ve heard of crypto trading & investing. But what is crypto used for in real life? Well here’s a little sample of the possibilities that lay in store. What is Crypto used for in Real Life? Crypto is used as an investment, to purchase goods & services, and to […]

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Who Has the Most Bitcoin? It’s not who you think!

You may be wondering who has the most Bitcoin in the world, and the answer might surprise you. Some people own a boatload of Bitcoin, and these include Satoshi Nakamoto “The Father of Bitcoin”, who is said to have over one million bitcoin. Along with the co-founder of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, who has more than […]

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Is Crypto Real Money? (Let’s Find Out!)

Cryptocurrencies have been circulating since 2009 when Bitcoin was launched, and they now have a combined market value of over $2 trillion. This unprecedented surge in popularity has created thousands of cryptocurrency millionaires. However, could this trend be a speculative bubble, as many fortunes have shriveled up after the recent price plunge? Although, despite the […]

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Is Crypto A Blockchain? (3 Areas To Examine)

Is Crypto a Blockchain or are they separate entities? A lot of people lump the two together. However, now we’re going to go over 3 areas that will tell us if they should be separated out. What is Crypto & is it a Blockchain? Crypto is short for cryptocurrency and although most cryptocurrencies were created […]

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Can You Trace The Owner Of A Bitcoin Address? (3 Areas Of Vulnerability)

Can You Trace The Owner Of A Bitcoin Address or more to the point can anyone? So there can be some weak spots when it comes to the anonymity of your address. Just below I’ll discuss 3 of them with you. Can You Trace The Owner Of A Bitcoin Address? Well to start with, instead […]

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Has Anyone Got Rich From Bitcoin? (Here’s 13 Who Have)

Have you ever asked, “Has Anyone Got Rich From Bitcoin?” If so, you’re not alone. I’ve done some research on the subject and laid out my results for you below. Has Anyone Got Rich From Bitcoin? So most people know about bitcoin’s incredible rise in price since its inception. However probably none more than the […]

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bitcoin? (5 Pros & 3 Cons)

Before some people buy bitcoin they think, What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bitcoin? With all the information swirling around out there I don’t blame them. Below I’ll discuss five advantages and three disadvantages surrounding bitcoin. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bitcoin? First things first, as with regular currency you can also […]

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Where Does Bitcoin Money Come From? (5 Areas To Focus On)

When you're new or even fairly new to crypto you might ask the question, Where Does Bitcoin Money Come From? In order to answer this question as well as what gives bitcoin its value & what brought it to where it is today, I’m going to focus on 5 areas. So join me below and […]

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